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CTD Mission and Vision

Photo of Chinatown in Los Angeles at night

The Los Angeles City Tourism Department advances tourism policies and strategies to increase the competitiveness of Los Angeles as a premier convention and tourist destination. The department oversees two public-private partnerships – the Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board (LATCB) and ASM Global – and works to help the City maximize the economic benefits derived from out-of-town visitors whose spending contributes to the growth of the local economy.

The department was created in 2013 as part of the new governance structure when the Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC) facility shifted from public to private management, which led to the former Los Angeles Convention Center Department becoming the Department of Convention and Tourism Development. The department was then renamed the City Tourism Department (CTD) in 2021 to reflect our new vision - to drive economic development and job creation by enhancing Los Angeles’s prominence as a global tourist and convention destination.